Oil & Gas

The RPS MetOcean Science & Technology team has been supporting our clients develop their offshore assets and coastal export facilities since the 1970’s. Our solutions help through the exploration and development phases, through to operation and decommissioning, and apply across engineering, the environment, safety and due diligence.

Being global, we have experience in the major offshore arenas and for clients ranging from small players, national oil companies and the largest multi-national energy producers across the globe. We hold many long term contracts for services ranging from metocean measurement, data management and crisis response systems, testament to the quality and reliability of our solutions.

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Our services include:

Metocean Measurement

From coastal to deep water, including specialised and accurate measurement of high frequency currents, solitons and sediments

Metocean Forecasting

Using advanced modelling techniques and modern web-based display portals

Oil Spill Risk and Damage Assessment for approvals

Real Time Systems

Real Time Systems for fixed and floating assets, export terminals

Engineering Design Criteria & Analysis

Engineering Design Criteria & Analysis for offshore and coastal facilities

Environmental Fate and Impact Modelling

Environmental Fate and Impact Modelling for planned and unplanned discharges

Emergency Response modelling and software systems

Emergency Response modelling and software systems for spill risk and search and rescue

Let us support you to:


Understand the oceanographic environment that you are working in.


Define practical and robust engineering parameters that delivery long term value and risk mitigating solutions.


Provide critical systems for situation awareness and crisis response.


Understand and mitigate risks to the environment.

How We Can Help You

The combination of our experience and skills allows us to work with you to understand your challenges and define the most appropriate solutions. We commonly help our clients scope practical and issue-driven measurement programs, solve data management issues and deliver demanding impact assessment work within tight deadlines.

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