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Entry Requirements

Please contact RPS to confirm any pre-requisites that are required for entry to the course in which you are interested. Entry requirements may relate to things such as:

  • Previous workplace experience
  • Previous completion of another qualification that is specified as a pre-requisite for a course
  • Levels of language, literacy and numeracy skills appropriate for successful completion of the coursework and also, for effective performance in the workplace in the specific job-role
  • Access to a relevant workplace and job-role where the required competencies can be learned and practiced
  • Access to a computer that has appropriate software and capacity to access learning and assessment materials
  • Access to an internet connection with sufficient capacity to download course materials or log into the online learning portal (e.g. broadband connection)

Access to course specific materials such as personal protective equipment (PPE) or other tools of trade

Personal Learning Plan

As part of the overall enrolment process, RPS will work with you to develop a customised plan for your learning that will address course requirements as well as your personal circumstances. This includes the opportunity for you to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) indicator which will identify any areas in which additional support may be required.

Foundation Skills

All training and assessment delivered by RPS contain Foundation Skills.  Foundation Skills are embedded into Units of Competency.

They are non-technical skills that support participation in the workplace, the community, and adult education and training. Examples of Foundation Skills include things such as communication skills, literacy skills (reading, writing and numeracy), interacting with others, and skills to effectively participate in the workplace such as teamwork, problem solving, and self- and time-management.

Access your training records

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