Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPS offers assessment processes that enable recognition of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that involves making a judgment on the skills and knowledge an individual has as a result of past study and/or experience. The aim of RPL is to recognise your existing competencies without having to go through the complete processes of training and assessment. You will still need to provide evidence though, upon which your assessor can base their judgement. Evidence must be:

  • Authentic – it must be your own work
  • Sufficient – it must demonstrate competence over a period of time, that the competencies can be repeated, and the evidence must be enough so that the assessor can make an accurate judgement regarding competency
  • Current – it must demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and skills i.e. from the present or the very-recent past
  • Valid – it must be relevant to what is being assessed.

You may be eligible to apply for RPL on one or more Units of Competency in your course. Please contact the RTO Coordinator to discuss your options.

Recognition of Current Competencies

Recognition of Current Competencies is a recognition process similar to RPL. It applies if a student has “…previously successfully completed the requirements for a unit of competency…and is now required to be reassessed to ensure the competence is being maintained”.

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Credit Transfer

RPS recognises AQF qualifications and Statements of Attainment that have been issued by other RTOs. Credit transfer may be applied to Units of Competency and related qualifications that have been studied in the past. To apply for a direct credit transfer you will need to supply a certified copy your documentation (certificates and/or statements). For full details on the requirements for credit transfer applications, please contact the RTO Coordinator on or 08 9211 1111.

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